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August 5, 2004
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xxMove Alongxx by ryo-hakkai xxMove Alongxx by ryo-hakkai
What the hell is this drawing? o_O it's pure random, and that thing... i dunno what the heck it is. A dragon? A giant bearded lizard? But alas, One Piece is FULL of strange creatures (and i'm not kidding about that either) so this would be normal. I need to learn from Oda-sensei on how to do all those strange creatures >_>

I could say that i took referrence from the Sennen Ryu in the Apis arc in One Piece. I like that old dragon XD altho i didn't fancy the bald spot on its head tho.

Luffy is being his usual self, sitting up at high places, especially on the head part. Seen here he is ordering the big lizard here to go where he wants it to go, while holding what seems to be his ship's flag.

That straw hat hungs from his neck, kinda used the Luffy that appears during the alabastar arc and so on when he finally used a string so he can hung that hat around his neck and won't have to worry about losing it. Zoro is being his usual self, sleeping. Honestly that man practically sleeps off his life, there's not a moment where i didn't see him dozing off, either at the corner of the ship, or somewhere. Sanji is looking towards the ocean, same goes for Nami. Note that Nami is wearing her old clothes. Yeah,that blue striped shirt and orange skirt. Usopp is currently trying to drag Chopper back up which seems to be dangling from the side.

Woo.. now i've got the hang of doing skies now that i know how to do it. X3 And the mountain's shading, used common sense.

I HATE TREES. End of rant.

Tools used are pencil, sketched on paper then scanned in. Colored in photoshop, uses paintbrush, paintbucket, dodge tool, burn tool, smudge tool,gradient tool,lense flare and grained the pic a bit (altho you can hardly tell it). This pic has been watermarked, so if there's any out there who will steal this pic, you are a sucker.

Now i need to figure out what is this feeling i have whenever i see Usopp nowadays.. is it love? >__> Darn long-nosed sure got the ability to make people love him sooner or later.

One Piece İEiichiro Oda , illustration İRyo :3
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Storyweaver1 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Pretty...You color so prettily....
And I like what the Straw hats are doing
1. Luffy and high places
2. Zoro sleeping
3. Chopper being cute.
Maboroshi87 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2005
I was going to comment on this a long time ago, but never got around to it ~_~ Anyways, I really love this pic! I like the poses and the muted expressions on the crew, and the background is nice and detailed :D The trees DO look like a pain to CG x_x And the lizard/sea monster thing they're on is cute x3 Anyhow, another fave!
strawberryjello Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2004
That is too cute :aww:
thEduMbDUck Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2004
LOL :rofl: i just love this :D its awesome! great job
SilverKit7 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2004
OMG! I love that dragon. Its so cyute!!!
LilAznSp0nge Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2004
Me likies1 The dragon like thingy is cute!
yamiyugi Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*___* So cute! Like I will always say, for something random, you always make really cool pictures, and especially, cute! :D Hopefully I can make a pretty good-sized comment on this one. >D And so I shall begin! Oh, and I always point out things in order, so it will look similar to the one I wrote about on your Sins one. :D

:bulletblue: Alrightay, first off shall be the lineart again! Very clean and smooth, and again, I like how you don't ink in your work and still manage to make it all look really good. But I kinda like how you just used pencil, because it gives everything a more natural outline, instead of such a bold black one. Whats also cool is how you managed to keep everyones' proportions really well, even though they are so small in the picture. For some odd reason I find it tough when they are so small like that xD, but thats only me. Anyways, for an overall view, the lineart is again, beautiful. :heart:

:bulletpurple: Onward to the next category! >D And this one is on the coloring :D. Again, a very nice use of color, and shading. I still like the mixture of cell-shading and airbrush, to give it that bold shade and then the pretty soft shade. I did notice there is a slight blank spot near the 3rd stripe on the lizard's back, but that doesn't stand out too much. But I did like how you made the stripes go from yellow to orange in such a blended manner. Ah, the wonders of the dodge and burn tool *__*. Ooo, and I also like how you still managed to do the highlighting and shading on the characters even though they're still really small! And you did a very good job on the shading of the trees and the mountains too, and a good choice of blue for the sky too. Overall, purdayfullness! :heart:

:bulletred: Ooooo, now for the background! :D First off, you did not make the trees look bad. They were all drawn very well, and definitely better than the trees I could make XD. Anyways, the trees, mountains, water, and the purdy sky all add a nice touch to the image. It adds a very bright and cheerfull atmosphere, and from what I can see, that was what you were aiming for x3. You're getting a lot better at making skies too! But I really like your style for making clouds though. Instead of making them look exactly real, you added in a kind of cartoon touch to them, which makes the image all the more cute ^__^. And the shading you did on the clouds are really well done too. *points* That one cloud thats infront of the sun looks kinda like a birdie. XD I :heart: trying to point out stuff I see in the clouds you make. But anyways, I like how you also put the lens flare behind the cloud too. Overall, your style for BGs is really eye-catching! :D

I hope that this is pretty good, but I did try to make a really long comment! :O Make more random images, because they always looks so cool/cute/pretty! And if only there was a plushie of that giant lizard, because he is too cute @__@. I also been wanting to find out how to make a watermark too. Maybe you can show me how sometime soon! So anyways, a very pretty job as always, and I definitely need to practice trying to write longer comments, because I know I could point out more, but my brain is frying XD. Sooo, here's a :cookie:! :D
ryo-hakkai Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2004
woaaah another long comments o__o

I wuv j00 @__@


woops, wrong emoticon XD XD XD


Lol seems like everything i do will turn cute, even that huge lizard/dinosaur/dragon thing XD XD
SayuriAkao Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2004
Great picture. ^_^
pdutogepi Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2004
The giant bearded lizard thing is totally awesome X3
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